Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Brought to You by the letter "P": Palmz and POW

Get to know two bands whose only obvious connections are the state of California and a name beginning with the letter "P". Arguably, both bands work the garage space, but Palmz is lo-fi, doo wop sugar and POW works the punk end. But there is no reason to choose. Both are good in my book.

Palmz is from Santa Cruz, California. The members of the band are Lexie Corfiatis (vocals, guitar, bass), Devin Eiring (drums), and David Conner (guitar). The delightful "Teenage Heartthrob" is from their 2009 release X-Ray of Fun.

Here is a single they released this past June and March, respectively:


The three-person POW is from San Francisco. Their only release on Bandcamp is the two-track Pretend There, which you can enjoy below. They spice up the garage punk with a sonic synth blast.


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