Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Sounds of Scotland-Part 29: The Creeping Ivies; The Hazey Janes

This edition of New Sounds of Scotland could be subtitled New Sounds of Dundee.

Two people can make a lot of glorious musical racket. In the case of The Creeping Ivies, from Dundee, Scotland, the two people are guitarist/vocalist Becca Bomb and drummer Duncan Destruction, who formed the band in 2010 (disclaimer: WYMA has not checked birth certificates to verify the names of the members). The music is energetic garage/punk/60s throwback, and is sounds great to these ears. While The Creeping Ivies don't have a lot of music out there for us to evaluate, a group that list their influences as The Stooges, Bo Diddley, Johnny Thunders, Ramones, Velvet Underground, The Cramps, Hasil Adkins, and Link Wray has got more than a few steps in the right direction.

"Shake It Up"


Also from Dundee are The Hazey Janes--Andrew Mitchell, Alice Marra, Matthew Marra, and Liam Brennan. The Hazey Janes play muscular, crunchy indie rock. The gang recorded two albums before this year, but the second one was never released due to legal issues. Their third album, The Winter that Was, was released on October 17, 2011 by Armellodie Records.

Here is a single from the new LP: "Girl In The Night" --

And here is the Soundcloud option for the same track (available for free download)
Girl in the Night by The Hazey Janes by Armellodie

"Carmelite" is from the new album as well--

The Hazey Janes - Carmelite from tHJ on Vimeo.

Armellodie Records

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