Saturday, November 19, 2011

Get to Know: Brain Idea

Brain Idea is from Chicago, which is a bit surprising because their sound would fit perfectly with the Bats, the Clean, the Verlaines and other acts on the venerable New Zealand label Flying Nun. To my ears, that's a sound that always is welcome.

The members of the band are Ben, Joe, and Grant, and they released a five-track EP, Cosmos Factory, on the Mexican Summer label earlier this year. They released a nine-track album on Permanent Records in 2010 named Survival Scrolls.

"Oh I'm Free (Earn Your Card)", from the EP --

"Days Blown Away" from Survival Scrolls --

EP page at Mexican Summer

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Jim Desmond said...

Yes. More of this please. Another great find by our talent scout. When we start our major label, I want these guys on it.