Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Holiday Pop Present from Simon Bish

I profiled British musician Simon Bish earlier this fall. I'm impressed with the quality of his guitar pop and his dedication in plugging away despite the absence of a commercial breakthough. Simon has a new album, All Aboard With ... Simon Bish, which is released on Simon's own Pop Noise Records. In my view, All Aboard is 11 tracks of excellent jangly indie pop. Here is the album's opening track, "You Ran Away" --

Simon has a special offer for you. If you go to Simon Bish's website, and click on the "free CD" box, there will be a contact box where you can provide your name and address. Simon then will send you a 30-track deluxe version of All Aboard With ... Simon Bish, including the original album, an EP, outtakes, demos and other selected songs. If you like jangly guitar pop, I can't think of a reason not to take this opportunity to become more familiar with Simon's music.

Here are two more tracks to listen to while you fill out the contact form:

"Meet Me There"

"Owl Eyes"


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Frank Fahey said...

Thanks Scott. I received my disk today. Great!