Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Discovery: Sad Face, Gosh Darn

Sad Face is a Seattle band with a bracing sound, reminiscent in places of Mclusky (opener "Death Boy" has that slashing lead guitar-with-punk backbeat) and in others of older-school punk... but they're not content to play in the punk quadrant exclusively. There is a lot of diversity to their sound and, one imagines, their influences and for me, this record holds up really well.

The second song, "To Use Another", is driving guitar rock that's easy to like, as it chugs along at a measured pace, breaking out into a couple of guitar freakouts:

There's plenty of sonic variety and obvious talent, and I expect this record to make my year end Top 20 (there's a hint for you to stay tuned - my list won't be as long as Rocksteady's but hopefully it will help you find some stuff). Here's the album closer, "Sapphire Noise", which has a kind of Eleventh Dream Day vibe going on:

Listen or buy at their Bandcamp site:

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