Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Get to Know: Sun Wizard

Vancouver, BC's Sun Wizard are James Younger, Francesco Lyon, Malcolm Jack, and Ben Frey. They play muscular, crunchy power pop with harmonized vocals, which usually is a winning combination around When You Motor Away. Earlier this year the band released Positively 4th Avenue on Light Organ Records, an excellent LP that unfortunately has been flying under everyone's radar. You can stream the entire album below. But first, we have a video the band shot for one of the songs:

Sun Wizard "World's Got A Handle" from Light Organ Records on Vimeo.

The Quit Acting Cold 7" was released in 2010, and shows the band's promise.

I think it would have been nice to discover these guys before the summer started, but better late than never. Enjoy!

Light Organ Records

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John Hyland said...

Fantastic. Definitely in the harder rocking end of the power pop spectrum.