Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seattle Show: Seapony, Brave Irene; and Generifus

For readers who are in or around Seattle this weekend, we'd like to alert you to a show that includes a band we've written about this year, Seattle's Seapony, a band we probably should have written about at some point, Brave Irene, and Olympia, Washington's folk/pop Generifus. The show is sponsored by The Vera Project, which is located at the corner of Warren & Republican Ave N, in Seattle. The show starts at 7:30 pm, and only costs $10.

As a reminder of the sounds of Seapony, here is "Go Away"--

Seapony - Facebook
Seapony - Label page

Brave Irene is headed by Rose Melburg (of The Softies and Tiger Trap). They released a self titled EP on Slumberland Records earlier this year. Here is "Bank Holiday" from that album--

Brave Irene - Facebook

For a taste of Generifus, here is the album they released in February. It is full of delightful, carefree tunes. The band is the project of Spencer Sult, with Eli Moore, Karl Blau and others helping out.

Generifus - Website
Generifus - Bandcamp

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