Monday, November 21, 2011

Bwani Junction Update - Fully Cocked is available for digital purchase

In last week's review of Fully Cocked by Bwani Junction, I wrote that the album was available on Amazon and iTunes. It appears that a barcode error resulted in that information being correct. However, the error has been corrected and the album is available for digital purchase at both sites.

We proposed to sacrifice a virgin in atonement for the error, even though it wasn't our fault. But no one at the WYMA offices, including contributors, staff and interns, is a virgin or even admits to knowing any virgins. Accordingly, in the manner of the best bureaucratic operations worldwide, we have resolved to never speak of this matter again.

Here are a couple of links you might find useful.

Amazon (US)
iTunes (UK)
Bwani Junction - Facebook

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