Monday, November 21, 2011

Rocksteady's Single of the Week - "Sailing" by Seapony

Seattle's Seapony isn't relaxing despite their busy recent history. The band was formed in 2010, released Go With Me, their first LP, on Hardly Art Records in late spring 2011. Since then they've toured and made some videos, and now they are recording again. On November 22, Hardly Art is releasing a two-track 7". The A-side is "Sailing" and the B-side is "I Saw You". Here is the Soundcloud player for "Sailing"--
Seapony - Sailing by hardlyartrecords

And, if you prefer Bandcamp, here is the Bandcamp player for "Sailing"--

To my ears, "Sailing" is unmistakably a Seapony song, which certainly is not criticism. However, the sound has been embellished by hand claps and xylophone which add nicely to the overall effect.

Twitter ( @SeaponyBand )
Hardly Art Records

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