Saturday, September 4, 2021

"Without U" and "Only One" by Royel Otis


As those of us in the Northern Hemisphere search for ways to keep that summer vibe going as we slide into autumn, a rescue comes from Australian band Royel Otis, The duo comprised of Otis Pavlocic and Royel Maddel has shared two songs from their upcoming EP, Campus. And even though it currently is winter in Australia, the songs reflect Pavlocic and Maddel's upbringing on the sunny Bondi Beach coastline. "Without U" is a summer bop that reflects yearning for someone to love. "Only One" is a psychedelic pop tune with an infectious groove and a touch of surf. We think this project shows a lot of promise. And we note that their good instincts extended to the naming of the band. Pavlocic and Maddel are fine names, but doesn't quite have the snap of Royel Otis.

Campus will be available October 7 via House Anxiety / Ourness.

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