Monday, September 27, 2021

The Yellow Melodies - Pleasant Dreams


We are accustomed to Rafa Skam and his mates in The Yellow Melodies soothing our souls and raising our spirits with sunny bursts of indie pop goodness. But for this outing they have added an interesting twist. In honor of the 40th anniversary of the release of a favorite album by punk/garage icons the Ramones, The Yellow Melodies have covered the entirety of Pleasant Dreams. A leopard doesn't change its spots and a guitar pop band doesn't sound like a punk band. But we think there is something undeniably punk about recording the Ramones in guitar pop style. And whether or not you agree, we suspect you will enjoy the fruits of their labor. Andif you take a look at the photo at the bottom of the post, you will see that they can dress like the Ramones.

Pleasant Dreams is out now in digital and CD formats, with three bonus tracks and a booklet. A vinyl version will be available via four labels: 1. Hurrah! Musica; 2. Old Bad Habits; 3. Discos Imprescindibles; and 4. Snap! Records.

The Yellow Melodies are Rafa Skam (vocals/guitar), Antonio Clares (bass/backing vocals), Carlos Abrisqueta (keys/guitars), and Jose Angel Hernandez (drums). Guest contributions were maded by Antonio Galvan, Ruth Sanchez, and Antonio Perez.




Bandcamp for album


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