Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Sweet Nobody - We're Trying Our Best

Summer is officially over, but that doesn't mean that we are finished with albums that have a summery feel. Today we offer We're Trying Our Best by Long Beach, California's Sweet Nobody. With a sound similar to but less glossy than Alvvays and some of the ache of Rilo Kiley, the band explores themes of facing challenges, social anxiety and relationships. Emotionally, the album is frank and raw. However, there is a lot of sunny pep in the arrangements and plenty of sugar in the impressive lead vocals. So what you take from the songs depends on how you approach them and what you want from them. But at a minimum We're Trying Our Best is an excellent indie pop album with excellent and generous performances and delectable songs. Take a deeper dive and you will get the songwriter's well-constructed real life stories of dealing with life's special issues. No need to fear depression as the tone is honest but the touch is light.

Sweet Nobody are Joy Deyo (vocals/guitar) and Brian Dishon (drums) with Casey Synder (lead guitar) and Adam Nolan (bass). We're Trying Our Best is out now via Daydream Records.



Bandcamp for album

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