Thursday, September 30, 2021

"Gone" by Shoestrings

 I hope no one has been holding their breath for Shoestrings' second record, because 30 years is a very long time. But art and inspiration don't follow a schedule. Moreover, some art and their creators need time and experiences to truly realize their potential. On the evidence provided by "Gone", Shoestrings may be just such an artist. 

The song is a relationship-about-to-go-wrong sketch told in light melancholy and lush and bubbling arrangement. But listen closely and you will discover delightful details just below the top line, blurred like the soundtrack to an old black and white movie.

The band consists of Mario and Rose Suau, who are based in Michigan. "Gone" is out now as a digital release. Expectations will be released November 5th via Shelflife (North America), Discos De Kirlian (Europe), and Fastcut Records (Japan).



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