Monday, September 20, 2021

Hits - Cielo Nublado


Sometimes the descriptions described by labels are painfully off the mark. But sometimes we can't really improve on them, so we don't. San Francisco's Paisley Shirt Records describe the music on Cielo Nublado, the new album by Oakland's Hits, as "warbled post-punk meets oozing art pop", and so it is. Of course, that just dials in the geography. So we will add that it is inventive and fun, giving the listener the feel of aural discovery without having to spin the radio dial or dive back into the digital library. And while the band sounds completely dialed into the material and each other, the recordings has a loose-limbed, spontaneous feel that makes the seem more immediate and visceral. Like everything else I've heard from Paisley Shirt Records, this album is well worth your ears.

For this album Hits is leader Jen Weisberg (vocals/guitar/songwriting) joined by Brian Tester (drums/percussion/guitar/keys/recording), and Max Nordile (bass/percussion/Xaphoon). Cielo Nublado is out now via Paisley Shirt Records.

Bandcamp for Cielo Nublado

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