Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Subshine - Easy Window

Ole Gunnar Gundersen writes and performs as Subshine after a stint as singer and songwriter of Lorraine.  A series of singles now leads to his debut album, Easy Window.  If you are experiencing summer (or just wishing you were experiencing summer) and are in love, this is a very good album for you right now.  In fact, if you aren't in love right now these songs may help you feel as if you were in love, and it is hard to buy that feeling any other way that is legal.

The songs are melodic, hopeful, romantic and superbly crafted.  There is a nice balance between the slower paced ballads and the upbeat tunes that likely will prompt a dance step or two.  But even in the latter arrangements, Gundersen eschews the au currant 'big drop' and sticks with the classic electro pop approach we all loved in past decades.  If some of these songs remind you of New Order, you won't be alone, and certainly won't be disappointed.  It is an enjoyable, 'feel-good' listen, and we like pulling it out frequently to recharge the positive vibes.

Easy Window is out in vinyl, digital and CD formats via Norwegian label Apollon Records.

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