Tuesday, July 30, 2019

James Clarke Five - Parlour Sounds

Good music, good fun: Parlour Sounds by the James Clarke Five.  Calling to mind great British guitar pop of The Kinks and their contemporaries, perhaps the exuberant pop of Emmit Rhodes, and Mods such as The Jam, it is the project of James Hughes.  James also was a member of The Cherry Boys in the '80s -- a band that deserved a longer career.  Summer isn't over in the Northern Hemisphere, and Parlour Sounds clearly is a summer album. Dive in to the Kinksian opener, followed by the soulful '70s rock swing of "Rock and Roll (Took Me to the River)".  "Under Your Skin" lives up to its name, and as a bonus it invades your brain like the proper earworm that it is.  This is music played with a smile and plenty of pep, and it will be received the same way by the listener.

Parlour Sounds is out now in digital and CD formats via This Is Beautiful Music.

Bandcamp for Parlour Sounds
Label page for Parlour Sounds

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