Wednesday, July 31, 2019

"Visions At The Stars" by Spinning Coin

Finally, Glasgow's Spinning Coin are back with a release.  Well, almost back with a release.  The two-song 7" Visions At The Stars actually won't be released until August 30, which is nearly two years after their excellent album Permo (our feature here).  However, the A-side is available to tickle your music receptors right now with the breezy guitar pop that earns "favorite" status around WYMA headquarters.  Apparently, we will need to wait a month to hear B-side "Not A Dream".

Spinning Coin are Sean Armstrong (vocals/guitar), Jack Mellin (vocals/guitar), Rachel Taylor (bass/vocals), and Chris White (drums).  Visions At The Stars will be released in digital and vinyl formats via the Geographic Music imprint of Domino Record Company

Various sites to stream Visions At The Stars

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