Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Possible Humans - Everybody Split (August repress)

We usually don't revisit our posts, but we are making an exception for Everybody Split, the 2019 album by Australian band Possible Humans. When we covered the album earlier in the year it was available in Australia and New Zealand via Hobbies Galore, but did not have the backing of a North American label. However, Trouble In Mind (which has made a major and appreciated effort to bring good Australian and New Zealand bands to North American ears) is releasing Everybody Split on August 2.  So none of you Northern Hemisphere possible humans miss your second chance at a very good album, here is a reprise of our feature:

The world is full of possibilities, and promise inherent in that fact seems to be the fuel for the creative impulses of Melbourne's Possible Humans.  On Everybody Split, their new album, the five piece digs deep into intriguing guitar jams that adroitly walk the tightrope between guitar pop and free form rock.  With riffs neatly balancing hooks, and the urgency of tracks like "Stinger" balanced by the psychedelic pop of "Born Stoned" (almost 12 minutes long, and worth every second of your time), the alleged homo sapiens seem about as far away from corporate rock as you can get, and they do it with joy, skill and a lack of pretense.

The five guys that are Possible Humans are Leon Cranswick, Samuel Tapper, Steve Hewitt, Adam Hewitt, and Mark Hewitt.

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Bandcamp for Everybody Split
Trouble In Mind Records page for Everybody Split

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