Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Trash Kit - Horizon

Trash Kit are not one of those bands that produce an album or two a year, but the pace of their output is due to he application of creative energy to the multiple other projects in which its members are engaged rather than a lack of creative energy.  We think all those varied musical experiences combine to great effect, and the proof is right before us in Horizon, their third album and their first since 2014.  The music here is surging, adventuresome, and brightly colored.  Rachel Aggs' intricate, African-influenced guitar certainly is a notable element, but is only one of the many highlights.  The instrumentation is varied and detailed (with assistance from several contributors) and the melodies sparkle.  The vocals are interesting both for the lyrical content and the presentation, with call and response, speak-sing and interrogatives providing immediacy and impact.  The template is simple -- find a groove, work it well and decorate it with flair.  The results are stunning and oh so pleasurable.

The members of Trash Kit are Rachel Aggs (guitar/vocals), Rachel Horwood (drums/vocals), and Gil Partington (bass).  Horizon is out now via London label Upset the Rhythm.

Trash Kit's blog
Upset the Rhythm page for vinyl and CD formats

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