Friday, July 26, 2019

Mike Gale - Summer Deluxe

Summer Deluxe, the recent album by Mike Gale, the former frontman for UK band Co-pilgrim, proves that the textures of summer need not only be variations of bright sunshine.  On this eleven-track beauty Gale wields keys and guitars to combine sparkling sunshine with hazy melancholy producing a multifaceted set of pop songs that delight with the first listen, yet manage to reveal even more with each repeat.  Romance, joy, peace, and moody reflection swirl through the songs buoyed by perfectly crafted arrangements.  In fact, a clear highlight is the instrumental title track -- a perfect summer song suggestive of sitting in the park sipping lemonade.  When it fades out we want to scream "No! Come back!"  But then we find that there is no need to panic, because the following "Jump Start My Heart" amply delivers the promise of its title.  And that isn't really surprising, because this album is packed with great songs.  As we head into the languid days of August, this may become your chosen soundtrack.

Summer Deluxe is out now in digital and CD formats.  See the Bandcamp link below.

Bandcamp for Summer Deluxe
Bandcamp for various Mike Gale recordings

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