Thursday, July 11, 2019

Various Artists - The Moon and Back

UK record label wiaiwya ("where it's at is where you are") is a treasure.  All the labels we follow choose good artists and release quality music -- if they didn't, we wouldn't follow them.  But wiaiwya is one of the labels that does some additional things we love, such as their single series that features the work of both established artists/bands and, sometimes, interesting one-off collaborations of artist/bands. Also worthy of praise are their compilations.  As a matter of fact, we are writing this feature today to alert you to one of those compilations: The Moon And Back - One Small Step For Global Pop.  Inspired by and celebrating the Apollo 11 adventure to the moon, the album consists of 38 tracks from some of the most loved indie pop artists in the solar system.  We won't give you a run down, because there are too many to cover in a fair manner, but also because one of the joys of this album is wandering through the tracks and thrilling to new music by your favorite artists and new music by new favorite artists.  As music writers, we are familiar with many pop musicians, but we still discovered new people and bands to follow.  So without further preamble, we will prime the pump with a few tracks, and then send you to Bandcamp to embark on your own adventure.

Bandcamp for album

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