Monday, April 25, 2016

Mayflower Madame - Observed In A Dream

We invite you to let yourself get lost in Observed In A Dream.  It isn't a difficult task.  The songs crafted by Oslo's Mayflower Madame take elements of atmospheric rock, psychedelia, shoegaze and drone, then shade it in dark colors.  The vocals are ominous and carry a hit of danger.  The sound is immense and enveloping.  Close your eyes and you'll feel like you are surrounded by multiple drum kits, electric guitars and bass guitars.  But nestled firmly in the atmospheric haze is a core of melody and an insistent groove.  I haven't heard Gothic post punk (think Bauhaus) done this well in years, and if you are like me and like a good dose of this kind of dense sound from time to time, I highly recommend this album.

Mayflower Madame are Trond Fagernes (vocals/guitar), Rune Øverby (guitar), Petter Gudim Marberg (bass), and Ola Jørgen Kyrkjeeide (drums).  Observed In A Dream is out via Night Cult Records and Custom Made Music.

Night Cult Records (Norway)
Custom Made Music (Virginia)

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