Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Introducing: Maria Usbeck

We can all use a bit of enchantment in our lives, so as a public service, we bring you the first solo single from Maria Usbeck, formerly the lead singer of Selebrities.  "Uno De Tus Ojos" shimmers and sparkles, sweet and bright, and it makes my day better every time I hear it.  "Moai Y Yo" bubbles and soothes with a tropical feel.

Maria lives in New York, but is a native of Ecuador and sings in Spanish for this outing.  And as an extra bit of good news, the  release of this single heralds her solo album Amparo -- inspired by her travels through South America and the stories from her family's elders -- which will be released on May 27 by Labrador in Europe and Cascine in North America.


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