Friday, April 22, 2016

PURSES - Obsess Much

Your intrepid reporter is feeling a trifle unloved here, as no one from the relatively new Athens band PURSES contacted me to invite a feature on their debut album, Obsess Much.  But a highly-paid professional cannot such slights let such things deter him from his duties.  So without any more complaining, let's look at what have the boys crafted us for us.

Obsess Much is an album for lovers of the strain of indie rock that meshes together southern rock and California guitar pop.  There are intertwined guitars, harmonies, big choruses, hooks, and, um, lots of guitars.  We can confess to no journalistic detachment here, because we absolutely love that brand of music.  And more to the point, we absolutely love the execution here.  Frontman Drew Beskin delivered the goods with projects The District Attorneys and Party Dolls, and he delivers the goods here again.  And with co-conspirators from Tedo Stone, Grand Vapids, Ruby and the Rabbitfoot, Blue Blood, Gift Horse and Crooked Fingers (most of which have featured on these pages in the past), the Athens super-group's sound is big and focused, and thankfully without distracting polish.  The songs included fast, rocking tunes and several reflective mid-tempo tracks with a country shading.

We featured a couple of singles from the album previously (OK, so we weren't totally in the dark), so I've chosen two of my favorites of the other tracks to showcase the album.  But we've also embedded the entire album.  That isn't something we normally do, but it is that good.

Obsess Much is out now via label Lesser Brains.

The entire tasty burrito:

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