Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Acapulco Lips - Acapulco Lips

Are the lips that are kissing your ears lately Acapulco Lips?  If not, you are experiencing an excitement deficit in your personal life, so let us help you.  Acapulco Lips is a Seattle garage rock trio that thrills you with surfy rock, twangy girl-group retro, gritty garage and similar manner of retro wonderfulness.  Yeah, that's a wide scope, but this is a young outfit seeing what works.  And the good news is that it all works quite well.  Their nine-song self-titled debut album is out now via Killroom Records in CD and vinyl formats.  The songs are fast paced, full of hooks and enthusiasm and with an emphasis on maintaining the fun, even when life is kicking you.  You deserve Acapulco Lips for your summer soundtrack.

And here is a link for a free download of album track "Awkward Waltz".

Acapulco Lips is Maria-Elena Juarez (bass/vocals), Christopher Garland (guitar/vocals) and Davy Berruyer (drums), hailing from Austin, Texas, Seattle, Washington, and Grenoble, France, respectively.

Bandcamp for album
Killroom Records

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