Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"Art of Dying Young" / "Do Me Wrong" by Skellums

Last August we introduced you to Skellums (here), a band with roots in Liverpool and Wales that crafts a fresh take at alt rock and fuzzy guitar pop.  Despite the fame, and undoubted riches, earned from their earlier EP, the boys are still working.  This week brings the release of their new two-song single "Art Of Dying Young" paired with "Do Me Wrong".  The first song is a fast-past lament of a life-weary narrator.  The theme may be sad, but the song should bring concert and pub sing-alongs with glasses held high.  "Do Me Wrong" is a pop/punk tune about a twisted relationship.  Stream below and hit the Bandcamp link for more joy.

We hope there is a lot more coming from this band in the future.

Bandcamp for "Art of Dying Young" / "Do Me Wrong"
Bandcamp for August 2015 EP

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