Thursday, April 7, 2016

Marlovers - Waves

We're headed into Spring and Summer, and our brains and hearts demand music to match.  Demand and you will receive, at least where Jigsaw Records is involved.  The little Seattle label has gifted us with the sophomore LP from Marlovers, a sweet indie pop band from Palma De Mallorca, off the coast of Spain.  Consisting of a generous 12 upbeat songs with wistful lead vocals, soaring choruses, jangling guitars and a muscular bass and drum section driving the proceedings.  The band has the secret formula for writing a nostalgia-shaded pop song that instantly fuses with the pleasure sensors in your brain, and then perform it perfectly.

And since I think most of us will find it possible to fall in love with Marina just on the basis of her voice, I should warn you to play "I Hate" before writing a love letter.  I've included a stream below as a public service.

Jigsaw Records' Bandcamp page for Waves

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