Monday, April 18, 2016

Les Autres - Backwards

It is quite likely that you don't have much if any music by Les Autres.  A French bad from the first half of the 1990s, their fame, such as it was, was local, and their recorded output of indie pop/noise pop songs made their way to but one album, and a number of singles and contributions to compilations.  I expect that all of those recordings are now out of print, and I find that a very sad turn of events.  Les Autres songs possessed a charm, directness and immediacy that in my opinion makes them a lost treasure in the indie world.  Coming to the rescue is Backwards, a compilation of Les Autres songs from Jigsaw Records.  The album isn't a compilation of former releases, but rather a 20-track collection of alternative versions, demo versions, live versions, and previously unreleased songs.  Not that such sources should bother anyone as (1) most music fans don't have the originals, and (2) this is not a genre that tends to be overly processed in the studio anyway.  I've become very fond of this little gem, and at $7 for a digital download, it is an investment I can recommend without reservation.

Bandcamp for Backwards

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