Saturday, April 23, 2016

Babaganouj - Pillar of Light EP

What is "it"?  "It" is a collection of factors.  For a musical artist the factors include sound, songwriting, charisma, connection, likeability, looks, and perhaps some characteristics personal to members of the public.  A fan may not be able to articulate all the reasons that a band has "it", but like a former US Supreme Court Justice, we know "it" when we see "it".

The above is relevant because on the basis of what we've seen and heard from Babaganouj, the Brisbane trio has "it".  Crafting infectious power pop since 2011 with influences from the UK to New Zealand to the US and, of course, their own back yard.  Their new EP is Pillar of Light, and it thrills with three upbeat songs that blow away contemporary bands from other lands (names withheld our of kindness) with whom they are compared.  Then it closes with a fine acoustic track.

Babaganouj are Charles Sale, Ruby McGregor, and Harriette Pilbeam.  All three are adept songwriters and have contributed at least one song to Pillar of Light.  A spin of lead track "Do Rite With Me Tonite" should convince you that our conclusion regarding this band is correct.  But if you need more evidence, or just want to listen to some great music, you can stream the entire EP below.

I think it is time to stock up on Babaganouj.  How about you?

Soundcloud for EP

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