Friday, April 1, 2016

Long Beard - Sleepwalker

I discovered Sleepwalker by Long Beard last fall, and had intended to write about it here.  But like many good intentions, I didn't manage to do it.  But with the release of the new video for album track "Porch", the time seems right again.  Long Beard is the bedroom dream pop project of New Jersey's Leslie Bear (guitar/vocals), with Stefan Koekemoer (drums) and now Devin Silvers (bass), although Tom Christie is credited with bass and other contributions on Sleepwalker.  The tunes are easy, hazy, and melodic.  Leslie's voice is like a welcome, gentle pre-dawn kiss; like a warm summer breeze through and open window as you go to sleep; like a cup of hot chocolate on a winter day.  You get the idea.  The songs vary between more traditional indie pop and dreamy, drifting musings, and the overall effect is very relaxing.

Sleepwalker is a $5 digital bargain on Bandcamp.  Vinyl is available from Team Love.  Links for both are below.

Bandcamp for Sleepwalker
Team Love page for vinyl

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