Monday, April 4, 2016

Aries - Adieu or Die

Adieu or Die, the third album from Spanish electronic artist Aries is a warm, joyful and hyper-melodic.  The songs boast layers of carefully constructed vocal and instrumental elements, offering richly adorned bedroom pop that is perfect for spring.  Remarkably, it is all the work of one person, Isabel Fernandez Reviriego, who also has been a touring back up singer with Delorean, a singer on Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, and a player with bands Electrobikinis and Charades.  As Aries, every note and beat is hers -- multiple tracked vocals, guitar, synths and a delightful vision.

Each song has its own personality, but for me this is the kind of album that is meant to be played in its entirety.  The tracks fit together like pieces of a puzzle, immersing the listener into Isabel's contented world.  It is a shimmering, magical world and you won't want to leave it.

Aries "Eclipse total" [Official Video] from La Castanya on Vimeo.

Adieu or Die is out now via K Records and La Castanya.

La Castanya's Bandcamp for Adieu or Die
K Records page for Adieu or Die

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