Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Summer Flake - Hello Friends

You may not have heard of Stephanie Crase, especially if you don't live in Australia, but you should take the time to catch up.  A veteran of other bands, Stephanie -- with Antony Bourmas and Joel Cary -- now plays as Summer Flake.  On her new album, Hello Friends, they weave sentimental, intimate, often melancholic stories with a solid rhythmic structure that allows Stephanie's multi-tracked voice to sooth and plead while the guitars rumble, jangle, twang and shred.  The result is dream pop with a muscular core, and the vocals, arrangements and full sound provide a retro feel in several tracks.  The performances are excellent, with enough fuzz and frayed edges to give the record a live performance vibe.  We find Hello Friends infectious and irresistible.  It grows stronger with every listen, and is one of our favorite albums of the spring.

Hello Friends is out now via Rice Is Nice Records, and is available in digital and vinyl formats.

Bandcamp for album
Rice Is Nice

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