Sunday, October 29, 2017

TheYellow Melodies - Life

One of the modern masters of brightly colored power pop is Spain's The Yellow Melodies.  Helmed by songwriter Rafa Skam, the band keeps the flame of The Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, The Pastels, Superstar, and BMX Bandits burning brightly.  Whether playing their own compositions or covering other bands (covers of Television Personalities and BMX Bandits are fondly remembered around here), they always deliver melodies and charm.  The band's new album is simply titled Life, and it is a good choice for a set of songs that affirm the joys of living from start to finish.  This is music to accompany a drive with a loved one, time with the children, a family picnic, or perhaps just a hug.  We can all think of a number of reasons to listen to music, but one of the best is that it makes us feel good.  If you want to feel good, choose Life.

In addition to Rafa Skam, The Yellow Melodies are Pilar, Carlos Abrisqueta, and Jose Angel, although others contribute with keys, percussion and horns.  Life is out now via the band's own label in Europe and Ottawa's The Beautiful Music in North America.

Bandcamp for Life
The Beautiful Music page for album

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