Sunday, October 1, 2017

Noire - Some Kind Of Blue

We recently read a book about the emergence of cool in post-WWII America -- hundreds of pages about rebels, authenticity and individually.  And while it was a good book, we couldn't help thinking that trying to describe a concept like cool is difficult for mere mortals.  But that doesn't mean that we don't know cool when we see it.  Or when we hear it.  Some Kind of Blue radiates cool.  Constructed of vintage '60s vibes, restrained instrumentation, evocative and atmospheric arrangements, and the kind of vocals that make you shut up, sit up, and pay attention, the album unspools like the soundtrack from a David Lynch film.  The architects are a young Sydney duo that call themselves Noire, and they display a deft touch with creating evocative music that smears love, loneliness and loss into a sincere musical statement sounds like an essential soundtrack for the listeners life from the first play.

And it is cool.  Trust us.

Noire are Jessica Mincher (vocals/synths) and Billy James (guitar).  Some Kind of Blue is out now via Spunk Records.

Spunk Records

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