Tuesday, October 31, 2017

David West with Teardrops - Cherry On Willow

David West is a formidable pop talent, participating in several musical projects concurrently and producing high quality recordings.  Just this year has seen a fine album Candle Power for his Rat Columns, as well as the just released Cherry on Willow by David West with Teardrops.  And these are just the latest additions to a prolific young career as a solo artist and participant in Total Control, Lace Curtains and Rank/Xerox. 

For Cherry on Willow West collaborated with "Teardrops", a collection of friends including, but not limited to, Mikey Young, Bob Jones, Louis Hooper, Raven Mahon, and Griffin Harrison.  Recorded in David's current home in New York, Glasgow, and his place of origin - Western Australia - the album boasts a spontaneous, 'recorded live' feel, and offers a dizzing array of '70s and '80s guitar and synth pop with glammy swagger, surging rhythms, and a soulful heart.  And yes, that means we get some guitar solos, thanks for asking.  This is bold pop painted in bright colors by a group of musicians who clearly enjoyed the sessions.  Around WYMA headquarters these days, when we want to feel good and listen to something with a swing that makes you want to move, we are playing Cherry On Willow.

Cherry On Willow is out now via Tough Love Records.

Bandcamp for Cherry On Willow
Tough Love Records

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