Sunday, October 8, 2017

"Plastic Tears" by Bed Wettin' Bad Boys

Not a shocking revelation, I know, but we found another band to love -- Bed Wettin' Bad Boys.  Your introductory song is "Plastic Tears", features gritty '80s guitars and vocals that suggest a soul singer with a bottle of Jack Daniels and something important to say.  Another way to put it is that is sounds a lot like a combination of The Replacements and Royal Headache.  And since Joe from Royal Headache is the front man, the similarity is quite understandable.  Understandable, and welcome.

The band's upcoming album, titled Rot will be released November 10 by What's Your Rupture and R.I.P. Society.

What's Your Rupture
R.I.P. Society Records

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