Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Morning TV - Sun

We have always had a rule around here - no morning TV.  It doesn't matter what channel, it is horrible drivel.  And then we heard Sun, the new album from Sydney's Morning TV.  We have amended our rule to prohibit watching morning TV, but requiring listening to Morning TV.  And if you know what is good for your ears, brain, heart and soul, you will immediately adopt that rule for yourself.  All seven tracks are lovely.  The first four are great examples of simple but endearing guitar pop songs.  The fifth track dives into atmospheric psychedelia, while the sixth and seventh tracks are sparsely adorned, folky songs similar to some of the work of Melbourne's Lower Plenty.

Morning TV is Brit (vocals/guitar), Ana (bass), Tim (guitar/vocals), and Cam (drums).  Sun is out now as a digital download via Habit Music Company.  See the Bandcamp link for a stream and other details.

Bandcamp for Sun

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