Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Acid Tongue - Babies

Is soulful psychedelic garage rock a thing?  Why yes, yes it is.  And you can enjoy 10 songs of soulful psychedelic garage rock (and a humorous non-musical intro) on Babies, the new LP from Acid Tongue.  With hazy intensity and retro psych/garage flourishes, it prods the listener's mind with echoes of the '60s and '70s.  But it does so only to the extent that is reminds us how much we miss a good rock song in the era of overly processed pop.  The themes are modern day life and timeless explorations of  the reality of growing up wreaking havoc with hopes and dreams, and the salvation to be found in relationships.  And there is enough soul in the vocal performance to keep the proceedings a big couple of steps removed from a stoner throwback party, and to bring plenty of smiles to our faces.  When we think of rock, Acid Tongue's music is just the thing we have in mind.  Listen to "Humpty Dumpty" and "If I Really Loved Her" below and see if you don't agree.  And we assure you that several other songs on the album are equally worthy of singles treatment.  Pounce on this one, folks.

Babies is the work of Acid Tongue frontman Guy Keltner (vocals/lead guitar/bass/acoustic guitar) and Ian Cuningham (drums/production), with Daniel O'Neil (drums/percussion), Jacob Rose (bass), Jason Cairati (keys), James Squires (drums/piano/bass), Maiah Manser (backing vocals), and Thomas Fredrickson (bass).  The band is touring in Europe now, but will return to the states and tour in November.

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