Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Ciggie Witch - Mad Music

As a public service, we have posted your "to do" list for today:
  1. Call home
  2. Get ticket for the show on Saturday
  3. Pick up laundry
  4. Buy the new Ciggie Witch album
  5. Ask Pete if he was serious when he said "whatever" to that question
  6. Ignore the "check engine" light
What? You ask, what is this "Ciggie Witch" thing of which you speak.  Fair question, I guess.  Ciggie Witch is a Zac Denton/Mitch Clemens project expanded to become a six-member music collective comprised of members of Ocean Party, Totally Mild, Pregnancy, Zone Out, and other bands.  They have just released Mad Music, their third album, and it is shooting up our list of recommended albums with each play.  Mad Music ably presents the duality of the Melbourne band's art.  The arrangements often feature chiming and jangling guitars, lush synths, and overall pop smarts, while the lyrics often are anxious, jittery and idiosyncratic.  In the hands of Ciggie Witch, it is a winning combination, and we wouldn't want them to change a thing.  Take a spin on Bandcamp, and welcome to the world of Ciggie Witch.

Mad Music is out now as a limited edition cassette and as a digital download via Lost and Lonesome Records.  Ciggie Witch is Ahley Bundang, Mitch Clemens, Lachlan Denton, Zac Denton, Liam Halliwell, Lauren Huynh, and Joe Foley.

Bandcamp for Mad Music
Soundcloud for Mad Music


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