Friday, October 20, 2017

Strawberry Runners - In The Garden, In The Night

Deft songwriting with a perfect indie pop voice make Strawberry Runners a can't miss proposition for us here at WYMA.  The debut EP, In the Garden, In the Night, provides a five-song proof, but most music fans won't need that much to conclude that there is prodigious talent on offer.  We fully expect to see this EP on year-end lists of records that many people missed.  Of course, because you read WYMA, you haven't missed it.

The band is the musical alter ego of Emi Night, a young women who spins stories about the good and bad of growing up, and confidently delivers them in capsules of rich melody.  She has been making music for a number of years, but this is her first record.  Our conclusion is that this is wonder, and wholly addictive, pop music.  It is our loss that she waited this long.

The players on the album are Emi Night (vocals/guitar/mandolin/additional percussion), Davy Timm (trumpet/vocals/keys), Sam Kelley (guitars), Tyler Morse (bass/vocals), Max Barcelow (drums/vocals/additional percussion), and Rich Goldberg (keys).  In the Garden, In the Night is out October 20 via Salinas Records

Bandcamp for EP
Salinas Records page to order EP

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