Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pia Fraus - Field Ceremony

As all of us know, shoegaze is characterized by a dense and enveloping sound.  It is the genre's defining element and the critical draw for fans.  But the best shoegaze is created by artists who understand that the dense soundscapes serve best as a foundation for the other details.  And this brings us the the Field Ceremony, the delightful new album by Estonia's Pia Fraus.  Listen to album opener "It's Over Now" and appreciate the lower register rhythm riff capturing the listener.  Or to the indie pop vocals dancing over the sonic tapestry in the following "Never Again Land" and "Autumn Winds".  Nor does the band shy away from more pop arrangements, such as on "No Filter Needed".  In fact, while the band displays their sheer power frequently on this album, the overall effect to our ears was more dreampop than what we commonly regard as shoegaze.  From the adept balance of light and dark elements in the songwriting, to the thoughtful production, to the clear emotion in the performances, Field Ceremony is a work of art to celebrate.  And of course, to listen to over and over.

Pia Fraus is Rein Fuks (guitar/vocals/percussion), Eve Komp (vocals/synths/metallophone), Kart Ojavee (synths), Reijo Tagapere (bass), and Margus Voolpriit (drums).  Field Ceremony is out now via Shelflife (U.S.), Seksound (Eur), and Vinyl-Junkie Records (Japan).

Shelflife page for album

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