Wednesday, October 11, 2017

"Biblically Speaking" by The Just Joans

People who write advice columns know that they are engaged in a balancing act.  They need to have an question of potential interest to others, and they have to dispense advice serious and correct enough to justify the exercise.  But they also need to do so in a manner that is entertaining and witty.  And when it comes to witty, a bit on the acerbic side tends to go over well.  After all, do you want to please numerous readers happy to laugh at one hapless and anonymous soul, or that one hapless soul? Exactly so.

And that brings us to The Just Joans, the only band we follow named after an advice columnist.  This Glasgow band also dishes out witty, acerbic observations.  But they do so with great tunes.  A case in point is new song "Biblically Speaking", which is taken from their upcoming album You Might Be Smiling Now ... .  The song addresses the timeless tension between wanting to live the virtuous life and yearning to do otherwise.  We go through that exercise multiple times a day, of course, but we don't do it in such an entertaining fashion.  And we almost always make the same choice, and when we don't it usually is for the wrong reason.  But enough about us -- enjoy the song and mark your calendars for December 1 and the arrival of  You Might Be Smiling Now ... .

Bandcamp and pre-order for You Might Be Smiling Now ...
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