Sunday, September 25, 2016

No Monster Club - Where Did You Get That Milkshake

Oh happy days -- we have a new record from Dublin's No Monster Club.  Where Did You Get That Milkshake only has four tracks, but Bobby Aherne packs so much melody and fun in every track that no one will complain, and we're always happy to feature them (most recently his fine I Feel Magic album here).  Bobby's brand of music is art pop played by the Beach Boys on amphetamines with additional toy instruments to freshen the sound.  It is euphoric, upbeat, surreal and irresistible.

And in our opinion, Where Did You Get That Milkshake is a very special edition of No Monster Club's deluxe tunesmithing.  Starting with the surf pop opener "Do The Mess Around" and closing with "Hippocampus Circus Maximus", it offers four A-side quality tunes.  You can stream both the songs named above in this post, but for a real dose of fun, view the video for "Do The Mess Around".  A lurid, blood soaked tale of double-crossing and an unfortunate encounter with a depraved weirdo, all played for dark laughs, it begs for repeated views.  And of course you can listen to the entire album at the Bandcamp link below.

You can find the digital version of the EP at the Bandcamp link, and the vinyl at the Emotional Response Records link.  If you are in the UK or Ireland, Norman Records is your source.

And for the United States contingent of readers, No Monster Club has invaded us for nine shows.  See the dates and locations of the seven remaining shows at the bottom of this post.

Bandcamp for Where Did You Get That Milkshake (for digital)
Emotional Response page for release (for vinyl 7")
Norman Records (UK purchase)

9/26 Pinky Swear, Chicago, IL
9/27 Stone Tavern at Michel’s, Kent, OH
9/28 Coyote Joe’s, Dubois, PA
9/29 The Dev, Utica, NY
9/30 Midnight at Otto’s Shrunken Head, Manhattan, NY
9/2 Candy Apple Island, Bloomfield, NJ
10/5 New Funky Jungle, Providence, RI

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