Saturday, September 10, 2016

Introducing Dehd

What a great debut album this is!  This self-titled debut from Chicago's Dehd offers surf pop, psychedelia, and other tasty lo-fi treats.  The trio is Jason Balla (also in Earring), Emily Kempf, and Eric McGrady, and they recently signed to Brooklyn's Fire Talk Records.  Boy/girl vocals, big drums high in the mix, surf guitars, simple arrangements and nice up-tempo melodies -- it is as if Beat Happening invaded the bodies of Melbourne's Twerps.  This is one of my new, favorite bands.  Check out the wonderful "Sunburn" below, and then stream the entire album.  The digital version is a steal  at a mere $5.  This is your bargain of the week, folks.

Bandcamp for digital or cassette album
Fire Talk Records

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