Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tomgirl - Tomgirl

Cherie Ko has been known to us for a number of years.  First as the ace guitarist and back-up vocalist for Singapore indie rock band Obedient Wives, then also as the synth-bubblegum popster of Pastelpower and the vocalist for transcontinental indie project Bored Spies.  But we didn't know the Cherie Ko that has emerged as the frontwoman for Tomgirl.  A collaboration between Singapore-based Ko and talented Melbourne producer and multi-instrumentalist Ted Dore, Tomgirl creates stylish pop noir with a cinematic sheen.  Sexy, tough, and loaded with bad boy/bad girl appeal, their new self titled debut races through ten tracks that leave a great taste that you will leave you wanting more. With Dore providing thumping but adeptly dynamic production, images that recall retro guys and dolls with guns story lines, Ko steps forward as a pop star and Tomgirl emerges as one of our new favorite pop bands.

Tomgirl is available in vinyl and digital formats via Deer Island Records.


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