Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ice Choir - Designs In Rhythm

Designs In Rhythm, the new album from Ice Choir, takes us back to the '80s in such a good way.  Layers of warm synth lines combine with understated guitars and a smooth vocal performance to give us the sort of danceable romanticism that makes the sun a bit brighter and your troubles a bit more manageable.  With soaring choruses and big hooks, the arrangements are designed for maximum emotional response.  A listener could be forgiven wondering whether any of the songs found their way on to a John Hughes movie soundtrack, but we can all be content to allow them to serve as the current soundtrack for our happy times.

Ice Choir is commercial sound designer and composer Kurt Feldman.  The ten songs on the album stand as a tribute to his talent.  The songs are playful, whimsical, and packed with detail, yet shimmer and flow effortlessly.  And despite the unflaggingly grand scope of the music, it remains an accessible album, inviting you to interpret the music as it fits into your life.  We all know that too much sugar isn't good for us, but Ice Choir is here to remind you just how wonderful it is to binge now and again.

 Designs In Rhythm is available everywhere now as a digital release.  Vinyl is available in the US and Japan, and a CD format also is available in Japan.  The release is via Shelflife Records, except in Japan where it is out via Fastcut Records.

Bandcamp for Designs In Rhythm
Shelflife Records page for Designs In Rhythm

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