Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Meteors In Gorges" by Through The Sparks

It seems to me that everything recorded by Through The Sparks (in case I hadn't mentioned it before, great name for a rock band) is not only excellent music, but also is a testament to the beautiful adventure that is rock and roll.  The band has a big toolbox, not only instrumentally, but also stylistically.  They are as adept at West Coast guitar pop and '70s glam as they are southern rock.  Their vocals feature big choruses riding the waves of guitar, percussion and synths.  The songwriting is sharp and audacious.  It is hard to imagine a band being trippy, groovy, swaggering and heady at the same time, but these guys pull it off.

The latest offering from Through The Sparks is the new single "Meteors In Gorges".  It starts with a spare, pulsing synth, then adding a big, sexy groove and talk-sing vocals.  The sound builds with synths at the high end, eventually bringing in a six-woman chorus for the big finish.  Spin it below and find it at the links or your favorite digital retailer.

For "Meteors In Gorges" Through The Sparks" are Jody Nelson (guitar/vocals), Greg Slamen (keys/bass), Mikey Leon Williams (drums), with backing vocals by Andrea Paschal, Lindsay Ellinas, Mandy Graffeo, Jacklyn Loquidis Hamric, Janet Simpson, and Rebekah Fox.  The single was produced by the band, Daniel Farris and Jeffrey Cain, and released via Communicating Vessels.

Communicating Vessels page for "Meteors In Gorges"
Communicating Vessels
Bandcamp for previous releases

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