Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Cleaners From Venus - The Last Boy In The Locarno

What an absolute delight The Last Boy In The Locarno is!  The fifteenth album released under the banner of The Cleaners From Venus, it is yet another generous dose of engaging music from Englishman Martin Newell.  While the overall atmosphere is laid back, the songs are carefully constructed and cleverly detailed.  Moreover, Newall has packed a generous amount of variety among the 12 tracks.  The gems include a tribute to '60s girl groups in opener "The Crystals and Ronettes", dream pop tunes such as "Gorgeous Day" and "Pearl of the Palais", the rhythmic indie rock of "Voodoo Watusi", the shimmering pop of "Time Star", street corner '50s stylings on "Eight O'Clock Angel", classic Cleaners From Venus jangle pop of "Victorian Doll", the wonderful country-tinged "My Life In Film".  And there is more, and all of good.  The Last Boy In The Locarno is like a set of nesting boxes with wonderful gifts at every level.  It is an album to enjoy at first listen, and then find even greater joy as you find more to love at each replay.

The Last Boy In The Locarno is out now via Soft Bodies Records.  I expect everyone will go immediately to the Bandcamp link below and purchase the CD or digital version.  But if you are one of those skeptical types you can stream a few track below.  If you are even more distrustful, you can stream the entire album at the Bandcamp link.

Martin Newell's website
Soft Bodies Records

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Christian said...

The new album is really great. So many wonderful songs. Now I will listen to some old albums of The Cleaners From Venus. I just know a couple of songs. Which album is the best to start? Which album is the best in generell? I hope yu can help me!

PS: I love your blog. I read your blog every day and discovered so many great albums. Thank you. Keep it up!