Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Second Hand Shops" and "Bright And Better Days" by Skytone

Ottawa, Canada's Skytone are Rodney Doddridge (vocals/keys/drum edits) and Darius Doddridge (vocals/guitars), brothers with a keen ear for melodies that pack more sunshine and warmth per decibel than you would have thought possible.  Two recent offerings are the bright jangle pop tune "Second Hand Shops" and the moodier "Bright and Better Days.  Both tracks are available for digital download at the links provided.  And if you like Skytone, check out their live set Skytone Live @ The Fishfry, which has eleven mostly upbeat and summery backyard indie tunes.  I included lead track "Jackie O" for your listening pleasure.  I recommend the album highly, and was listening to it on my morning trip to the office.

Skytone's music is released via Ottawa label The Beautiful Music.

Bandcamp for "Second Hand Shops"
Bandcamp for "Bright And Better Days"
The Beautiful Music (label) page for Skytone

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