Friday, September 30, 2016

"Katy-Anne Bellis" by Hooton Tennis Club

I'm an active guy, and I make it a point to exercise in some fashion every day.  Of course, doing the same thing every day gets stale, so I like to mix it up -- running, biking, gym, kayaking, skiing, hiking and other stuff as available.  I've also been know to play a bit of tennis, and like other enthusiasts for the game, I have my favorite venues.  My current tennis club of choice is Hooton Tennis Club.  The Liverpool foursome's central feature is scrappy guitar pop with a solid melodic core and a big, upbeat sound.  This is rock and roll on the fun side, and we love them for it.

Hooton Tennis Club is releasing a new album titled Big Box Of Chocolates on October 21 via Heavenly Recordings.  Our first taste is via "Katy-Anne Bellis", a tribute to a former housemate of on of the members of the band.  Check it out below in video or streaming formats.

Oh, did you really expect information about tennis?  Not today -- just go for a run.  That's what I'm going to do.  But I'll listen to Big Box Of Chocolates, so there will be a smile on my face.

Heavenly Recordings

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